Android setup

Android is an “open” operation system, which makes the process of installing apps with extra features easier. Anyway from the box, it still impossible to use an android phone as or for the proxy server. Firstly the root access must be granted. Its a big minus and a bit of pain – but its the only way to get a global proxified phone including all traffic and all the apps. It was made lots of different apps to proxify the android based devices, but the best one is a Proxy Droid, version 3.2.0. (most stable version). Simply the best software has been checked up by time and has tons of positive feedbacks.

Go to:

  1. Proxy Droid app
  2. Insert proxy credentials at the “Proxy settings” section.
  3. Activate authentification in case it’s needed
  4. In the “feature settings” enable “Global proxy” to activate the whole traffic proxification
  5. And finally activate the proxy.
  6. To be sure all is set correctly, go to and check your IP