Use cases

RogProxy use-cases
SEO monitoring
Forget getting blocked with HQ proxy SEO service

Monitoring SERP data requires reliable sources, a constant flow of information and the ability to get specialized results.


Social media
Compatible to any software and any automation actions

Manage and monitor multiple social media accounts on all platforms without banned or suspended accounts.


Data scraping
Scrape any data you need with a high performance

Benefit from the power of residential rotating proxies and scrape any type of data without captchas, blocks or misleading content.


Ad verification
Verify ad localization and customer tracking

Ad fraud is a severe problem for companies as it can be harmful to their whole marketing strategy.


Market research
Analyse information from every niche

Market research is essential for every company that wants to stay competitive in the market.


Travel aggregation
Access any airline website without blocks

Collect data from hotel and flight company websites, online travel agencies, and other similar sources.


Brand protection
Secure the protection of your brand

Protect your brand's digital assets from threats and check for copyright issues and improper management.


Web testing
Ensure the fastest web actions

Test and configure your websites and apps for optimal performance and functionality.


Accounts creation
Perfect for accounts creation

Proxies perfectly support Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks.


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Armando Petersen
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Jamieson Hammond
Thats real mobile proxies and finally we got a provider that provider a fingerprint service.
Kyson Jacobs
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